What’s in an Anniversary?

30th Anniversary Blog PostAnniversaries are one of the most common types of celebrations worldwide. Everyone has some type of anniversary – birthdays, weddings, historical and political events (who remembers the celebration of the country’s bicentennial?). Many of these anniversaries have special significance in our culture- your 21st birthday, a silver or a golden wedding anniversary, for example. Anniversaries of all types mark milestones in achievement and progress the world over

January 2015 marks the 30th Anniversary for Tuition Management Systems. We were founded in 1985, and what a year that was! Many of us were singing along with the celebrity collaboration for Live Aid to “We are the World”, sports fanatics were rooting for the Miami Dolphins or San Francisco 49ers as they matched up in Super Bowl XIX, and “Back to the Future” was number one at the box office. Flux capacitor anyone? I could reminisce about the 80’s for pages, what a time for big hair bands, neon colors and funky music! And of course what a time to begin our journey here at TMS. Most of all, anniversaries are a time for reflection: what have we accomplished, what lessons were learned, how we have grown? Many times we think about the relationships and memories that have been created over the years.

At TMS it’s no different and there are many things for us to reflect upon. Back in 1985, just like any other business, we started with one client that believed in our mission. Our first client was a higher education institution from the Northeast near our corporate headquarters in Rhode Island. We helped them to offer a simple tuition payment plan in order to help their families afford education by making monthly payments as opposed to an unaffordable or unmanageable large lump sum. Wow did we take off from there! Thirty years later our mission, Helping Families Afford Education, Helping Schools Prosper, remains at the core of our business model. That model grew too, and now covers the broad spectrum of education payments from tuition billing to payments processing to refunding and helps over 700 educational institutions nationwide achieve that same mission- grow their business while helping their families reach affordable education goals.

As we begin our 30th year, we want to thank all of the schools who have partnered with us, trusting us to assist their families. We value each of those partnerships and look forward to many more years of serving you. In this ever changing digital world, our goal has been to evolve enough to be innovative and responsive to the changing demands of new generations, but continue with traditional values such as assisting families through live conversations with highly trained people eager to help with their service needs. We valued you when we started in 1985 and we value you now.

We look forward to many more years of innovation and progress at TMS, grounded by the reality that real customer service, provided by real people and enhanced by technology, is what our customers deserve.

Thanks for the memories. To infinity and beyond!

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