Trends in Student Aid to Pay Attention to

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgThe “Trends in Higher Education” is a series of reports published by the College Board. Let’s take a look at the Trends in Student Aid, which provides detailed information on the funding that is available to help students pay for college.

The findings in this report show a decline in annual education borrowing, which fell in 2016-17 for the sixth consecutive year. Federal education loans per Full Time Equivalent (FTE) undergraduate student followed the same pattern. In 2016-17, undergraduate students received an average of $14,400 per FTE student in financial aid: $8,440 in grants, $4,620 in federal loans, $1,280 in education tax credits and deductions, and $60 in Federal Work-Study (FWS).

For more information on how these funding levels have changed over time, the distribution of student aid across different incomes and type of institution, and the debt students incur, read the full Trends in Student Aid here.

This report also includes data on:

  • Grant aid from federal and state governments
  • Assistance from colleges, universities, and private sources
  • Loans for both students and parents
  • Education tax credits and deductions
  • And much more!

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