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TMS awarded “Head of the Class Award”

Tuition Management Systems is honored to be the winner of the 2014 Paybefore Head of the Class Award! This award recognizes the Tuition Management System’s Refund Solution, specifically for the innovative, student friendly use of prepaid cards within the solution. Award details- …Best use of ...

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Refunding Control - Risky Business

In a recent blog post, we covered compliance as it relates to refund management. Today, we are covering the cousin of compliance- the related but distinct topic of ‘control’. So, what’s the difference between the two? Whereas compliance involves procedures and standards that are required to be ...

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My Money, My Choice

I am a huge fan of Amazon, Pandora, Netflix, Google - or any other technology that provides convenience, entertainment or utility in a way that feels customized to my preferences. When done well, I willingly suppress any privacy concerns I may have for a more tailored experience. If I can also ...

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Free eBook: Five Steps to a Better Refund Process

How do you create a process that reflects well on your institution, is consistent with guidance provided by NACUBO¹ and the US PIRG², and remains compliant with applicable regulations? That brings us to the new 5 Cs of Refunding eBook. This eBook gives you an actionable template to guide you ...

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