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Battle of the Bots

HubSpot, a leader in the outbound marketing revolution, has posted a useful introduction to the world of Bots, those now infamous programs that perform automated tasks online. The article takes on the subject in a playful way beginning with a glimpse into a dystopian future. The fear that bots will ...

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Communication Channel Effectiveness

Ask yourself this: Which channel is most effective for communicating financial information to students? texts email social media all of the above If you’ve answered d, all of the above, you’re correct. See how one school is beginning to test an “opt in” strategy to alert students using text ...

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Upward Mobility: What are we really talking about when we talk about student success and improving student outcomes?

A true measure of success and a cornerstone of the American dream is upward mobility. Success is more than just a good paying job. It is the chance to own a home, have a family and be part of a prosperous community. Student success For a low or middle income student to graduate and become a top ...

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5 Techniques to improve your listening skills when the caller is having a really bad, less than excellent, horribly terrible day

Does this scenario sound familiar? Phone rep: “ Hello my name is Jessica, How can I assist you today?” Caller:  “Well, I sure hope so because YOUR organization doesn’t know what they are doing! #!!#^*…” This is one of the worst feelings in the world as a phone representative. You answer that ...

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Going Green, Saves Green

The figures are in.  Going green saves green in more ways than one. While the beginnings of any “Go Green” campaign had more emphasis on saving the environment, (which of course is a very worthy movement) the fact remains saving trees, saves money.  It’s probably been some time since you received a ...

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