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What You Need to Know When Shopping for an ID Card System: Determining your schools’ needs will help you zero in on the right choice for your institution.

An ID Card System can be a vital piece of equipment that solves multiple issues within the Higher Education campus.  Attendance tracking, secure access control, logistical data information, visitor management and more can be managed in the least invasive manner using the correct ID card system.  ...

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Increased Cybersecurity Threats

After major data breaches at retailers like Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and Sony Online Entertainment, consumers are largely informed about the risks of using their credit and debit cards and providing other personal information to service providers. But college students, faculty members and ...

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Free eBook: Helping Students Avoid Identity Theft

While the issue of identity theft has been around for the past decade, recent news around the Target® data breach (which affected up to 100 million shoppers over the holiday season), reminds us that the issue is very real, very serious and very current. In a financial environment that rarely ...

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