“To Be or Not To Be” GREEN with your Tuition Bill

Go_Green_-_shutterstock_900570971.jpgAre You an Early Adopter?

It has been said that we either lead or we follow. This is particularly true when it comes to accepting change. Ask yourself, are you an early adopter? For example:

When your electric company offered you an e-bill in place of your regular monthly paper bill did you sign up right away?

When your bank offered online banking, did you abandon Quicken and start monitoring your transactions online?

How we respond to change as individuals, particularly the technological kind, can be critical in determining what we believe might be the best solution to offer others. When it comes to determining whether e-billing can, or should, replace the paper bill, it’s best to consider the demographics of your student body and payers as well as the execution of the change.

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