The Changing Roles of Leadership in Higher Education

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While we all try our best to get the most out of summer and well deserved vacations, we may miss or pass over an article or two. So we wanted to point out one of those articles that may have been overlooked: The Chronicle of Higher Education - New Role for College Business Officers [ July 23, 2014], highlights some of the topics and discussions of the NACUBO Annual meeting and provides a link to an informative survey report titled: Reinventing Leadership in Higher Education*.

This report addresses the concern for sustainability of the current business model in Higher Education when considering evolving threats such as alternative education MOOCs, reduced government funding, education becoming a consumer good and the value proposition being in question (Is a college degree worth it?) with the continually increasing tuition costs and more. Additionally this report concludes with suggestions for the future. TAKE A LOOK!

*Witt/Kieffer Leaders Connecting Leaders

Reinventing Leadership in Higher Education: A Confidential Survey of College Presidents

By: Karen L. Goldstein, Ph.D, Alice Miller and Jane Courson

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