Technology and Learning: An Ongoing Debate

Take-a-Look-Link-with-LogoWhen the subject of technology and its place in education comes up, everybody has an opinion.In recent years technology has often been framed as a panacea for everything. Whether we’re talking about reversing climate change, or how to manage our to-do list, technological solutions always seem to be the answer. When it comes to technology's role in education there’s no question; the jury is still out.

In his Inside Higher Ed article “7 Seriously Bad Ideas That Rule Education” Joshua Kim strives to heat up the argument. Beginning with a quote from NYT columnist and noted economist Paul Krugman that argues that bad ideas “have a life of their own. And they rule the world,” Kim takes aim at sacred cows in order to spark a conversation.  Beginning with the assumption that minimizing the cost of faculty is required to sustain institutions of higher learning to the larger question of whether or not U.S. higher education is in crisis, Kim attempts to both clarify these “bad ideas” as well as offer realistic counter arguments. Do you believe that quality education can be scaled in the form of massive open online courses as introduced by a number of high profile colleges and universities with mixed results? Do you believe that faculty are impeding innovation, or is the growth of administrative staff the underlying problem? Kim “pokes the bear” to challenge the broad statements that are often made about higher education in favor of a more nuanced and meaningful discussion.


To read “7 Seriously Bad Ideas That Rule Education” and join in the debate, click here.

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