“Success” as Part of Your Job Title:  Optimistic or Unrealistic?

Super Hero Business shutterstock_302625890.jpgHave you noticed lately how many people are in the success business?  The word success has migrated into many job titles:  Success Coach, Client Success Manager, Director of Student Success, etc.  Are these people signing up to be a “superhero”?

Success is a very lofty term, an admirable goal and something I personally strive for, but personal success is defined by me, for me and me alone.  The idea of success is not so linear for higher education.

Let’s focus on the idea of ’Student Success’. Who is responsible for this on your campus?  Does the title imply that the Director of Success is measured by the number of students who have graduated and engaged in the campus culture and left your campus ready to valuably contribute to the workforce and society?  However your school defines the idea of student success, it certainly sounds like more than a one person job to me. 

In any case, however your specific campus defines it, it is certainly a topic that has worked its way into campus culture and needs to be addressed.  How do we measure it?  Who should own it on your campus?  A study* by Eduventures penned a working definition which included:

Capture 1.png

If you would like to learn more about the Eduventures findings ( in addition to findings and opinions of other higher education contributors), download the free eBook titled:  Defining and Improving Student Success.

 Student Success

*Eduventures:  Hitting an Unclear Target:  The Impact of Ambiguous “Student Outcomes” on Technology by James Wile, Principle Analyst.

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