Safety Crisis, Safety Response

Mote shutterstock_610797095.jpgGiven the current times and the number of incidents increasingly being reported on college and university campuses regarding active shooters and other safety related incidents, is it time to build a stone wall and mote around your campus? 

A mote and stone wall may be an extreme example (not to mention archaic), but it goes without saying that there needs to be a plan in place to prevent, mitigate and respond to safety crisis incidents on campuses as this issue continues to magnify in the U.S (see the following infographic for statistics).

The Admissions Tour:  Is safety becoming an uncomfortable -but reasonable-question that may get asked on a tour by a concerned parent?  For example, “What is your evacuation or lockdown process should there be a shooter or danger on campus?” 

It doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable question, if you have the right plan in place. Ask yourself, do you have a response at hand, one that would put a parent at ease about sending their child to your institution?

If you can’t say without hesitation that you have a well-thought out answer right now, you can get there. Planning is key.  To start your campus on the path to safety and security, review the infographic below to see how some schools are choosing to respond and be proactive to protect their students should a crisis occur.

 Campus Safety Infographic.png

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