Presenting Billing Information at the Speed of “Real Time”

Time FlyingDo I enjoy receiving balance alerts for my credit card or logging in to check my transactions and my outstanding balance due?

Well, since my statement does not present line item after line item of credits applied to my account, the answer is NO. (But that is probably a symptom of my own personal spending habits.)

However, I do appreciate the convenience of the information that is available to me 24/7 to help me manage my account.

Think of how technology has changed our expectations when it comes to “up-to-the-minute information.” After all, a simple click of the refresh button and we can view the latest news, stock quotes or tweets. Online banking is another excellent example of ‘real-time” information. We log-in and are presented with current balances. We are able to transfer money from one account to another and view debits and credits in all of our accounts as they happen. But is “real-time” presentment right for your tuition bills?

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