Our New Year’s Resolution

2014 is here! Many of us will have recently made those familiar lists of New Year’s resolutions…

You know the type:Resolution Written

  • Join a gym
  • Actually frequent the gym
  • Save money
  • Pick up a new skill or hobby

The list could go on. While all are admirable goals, TMS has taken a slightly different approach.

This year we resolve to share more content.

We will utilize both internal and external resources and experts to add value to you and your staff. We will continue to post and build a resource library at Talking Edu filled with eBooks, research results, and general points of interest related to the education industry.

Share it blurb

We have dedicated our first Talking Edu post of 2014 to sharing some of the articles we bookmarked in 2013. Feel free to add sharing as one of your New Year’s resolutions and forward these on to others.


On the 30th Anniversary of Trends Reports, the College Board Affirms Commitment to Helping Students Prepare for, Access, and Complete College

  • New report in College Board’s “Trends in Higher Education” series shows that higher education is an investment that pays big dividends
  • College Board addresses concrete steps to help students afford education, and outlines the actions already taken

The Delta Cost Project at American Institutes for Research

  • Provides facts sheets measuring the educational cost per student, student and subsidiary shares and performance
  • Provides reporting on trends in college spending using metrics such as:
    • Revenue: Where does the money come from?
    • Expenditures: Where does the money go?
    • Cost/Price/Subsidy: What’s the student share of cost?
    • Performance: Outcomes and spending
    • Spending comparisons: Price and enrollment vs. spending
    • Discusses enrollment: Where do students go?

Eduventures.com presents One Stop Shops: Six Institutions Pushing the Student Services Envelope

  • Discusses six institutions who use a ‘one stop shop’ approach to service model for student services and are experiencing outstanding results
  • Reviews direct quotes from school leaders to see how this service model exceeded the schools’ expectations while delivering great service to the students

NACUBO Business Officer: A Clear Path to Payment

  • Reviews The University of Illinois, winner of a 2012 NACUBO Innovation Award, as they discuss how to minimize the impact of such issues as changes in the economic environment and families’ decreased resources to pay education expenses
  • Reviews the six-prong communication plan for students and families to openly discuss financial obligations to the University
  • Discusses implementation of a payment plan best suited for higher education needs
  • Student financial literacy plans set up to help students manage finances in school and post-graduation
  • Reviews the results, which included decreased call volume to the school, lowered outstanding receivables, and dollars saved in refund processing

NBOA: Culture Trumps Everything

  • Review the important role of the business officer in understanding the human element of financial management
  • Discusses relevance of relationship building between business officers and faculty, staff and trustees and the impact of the culture they create at the school

We look forward to sharing new content with you as we continue into the New Year!

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