Mastering Lead Generation: 14 Tips for Engaging Higher Education Candidates on LinkedIn

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgAs a college or university marketer you are focused on reaching as many prospective applicants as possible, right?  Your social media marketing likely includes Facebook, Twitter and to some extent Instagram, but not LinkedIn. You probably see LinkedIn as “that site” where professionals go to find a job. You might even use the site yourself to connect with other marketers, but it isn’t the place you’d spend your ad dollars to reach next year’s freshman. That’s where you’re wrong.

If you’re looking for the key to lead generation in your search for students, LinkedIn has created the definitive guide. Entitled “Mastering Lead Generation: 14 Tips for Engaging Higher Education Candidates on LinkedIn,” this easily downloaded PDF covers all the bases. The information is presented in a simple but effective design and sprinkled throughout the guide are pertinent statistics and some valuable tips.

The focus is on how to use relevant content to engage and stay connected to prospective students using LinkedIn’s robust marketing platform and analytic tools. The key to doing this successfully, according to LinkedIn, is to take a different approach from the one you may be using on other social media sites. If you’ve done any business social media work, you’ll recognize the pitch. The idea is not to focus on the programs your institution offers, but rather to provide “valuable career development insights.”

Content is covered in three concise chapters:

  1. Relevant Content - How to Engage Prospective Students on LinkedIn
  2. Unique Audiences - How to Target Your Ideal Candidates on LinkedIn
  3. Essential Tools - How to Boost Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Each chapter is broken down into small bite size articles. The first chapter focuses on developing and posting valuable content. The second chapter looks at how to target your audience directly and retarget others to the landing page of your choice using LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager.  The final chapter looks at how to build campaigns and utilize sponsored content to educate prospects and keep them engaged using LinkedIn’s InMail.

There’s some very informative content here, with lots of links for anyone interested in taking a deeper dive. If you haven’t considered LinkedIn as a viable source for reaching new prospects, this is the best place to start.

To download the PDF click here.

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