LinkedIn’s Higher Education Marketing Guide to Lead Generation

TalkingEDU_Logo-576877-editedEarly this year, Ira Amilhussin, a LinkedIn group manager focused on helping schools, students, and alumni get the most value out of LinkedIn, posted “Introducing the Higher Education Marketing Guide to Lead Generation” on LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog. The post begins by noting that ”in 2017, 66% of admissions directors in higher education missed their enrollment goals.” This startling data point comes from a 2017 Survey of Colleges and University Admissions Directors conducted by Insider Higher Ed.

With so many companies across the country now specializing in lead generation for higher education, it’s not surprising to see LinkedIn expanding its platform into this particular marketing space. The post links to Mastering Lead Generation: 14 Tips for Engaging Higher Education Candidates on LinkedIn, which, Amilhussin tells us, is designed to “to help higher education marketers generate high-quality leads and employ marketing tactics that work.”

The post itself focuses on 3 best practices culled from Mastering Lead Generation:

  1. Delivering value
  2. Reengaging website visitors with retargeting
  3. Amplifying content with a mix of solutions

Suggestions include:

  • One way to help prospects and differentiate your institution is by offering valuable career development insights. Valuable content could include leadership and productivity advice, curated industry research and relevant business trends, as well as job search tips.
  • How to use LinkedIn Insight JavaScript Tags to collect data on website visitors through all channels. Then reengage and retarget them using LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager to present customized content specific to the program or landing page they first visited.
  • One way to amplify content - in other words increase traffic to University Page updates and other sponsored content - is to create a LinkedIn InMail Campaign which offers a larger format to promote particular programs or highlight other points of interests at your school.
  • The “14 Tips” also cover how to share authentic stories, customize content for individual audience segments and perform A/B testing. Each of these tips are intended to better help you define the ideal candidate, create and save individual audience templates, how to use text ads more effectively, as well as leveraging sponsored content using “Sponsored InMail” to maximize your reach. How to measure results and track campaign conversions are also covered.

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