It’s Not Easy Being Green (or is it?): Tips from Schools Who Have Made the Move

Frog Singing shutterstock_576514042.jpgOur favorite frog sang the song “It’s not easy being green”…but how about going green? Is that easy?

We all know that going green is to our benefit.  Whether it be recycling those cans at home or converting to electronic billing on our campuses, it’s all done for good reasons (the environment and  saving money to name a few). In a recent blog post Going Green, Saves Green, we discussed how many campuses are making the switch to electronic billing simply for the benefit of cost savings. 

There are many reasons your campus might be holding back from moving to the world of digital billing- maybe it’s resistance to change, old habits, or just assuming that payers prefer to receive their bill the old fashion way, in paper. We all understand that assumptions can lead to problems, so rather than assume, we reached out to our partner schools recently and asked them to share their experiences in moving to eBilling…take a look at the data we collected.


First we wanted to know why schools made the move to digital bills:

The most important factors in a campus moving to eBilling were cost (overwhelmingly at 60%) and green initiatives. Schools that responded noted that usually (80% of those responding) the entire student body received eBills.

When asked the most significant challenge in switching to eBills, schools told us:

  • Payers not opening the online bill (however, this was more than 5 years ago, and as eBills become more and more common, it’s no longer an issue). One school put into practice that all students must agree upon registration to their responsibility for reading eBills.
  • Communication of the change to students/payers
  • Resistance to change on campus (staff)

When asked if eBills solved any student/family service needs, schools commented:

  • Efficiency of the billing and payment process was positively affected
  • Most payers preferred the ‘green method’
  • Reduction of cost to the school
  • eBills increased frequency and timing of payments, increasing cash flow to the school
  • eBill read reports leave no discrepancy as to whether the payer received/read the bill
  • Credit card payments available online increased ease of use for payers

We asked schools that have transitioned over to eBills to share tips and insights they learned:

  • Training is critical, but there is an eventual benefit for all
  • Work with a trusted third party
  • Communication is key

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