IT Leadership: What is your role in responsible data management?

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgAn article published in a recent edition of Business Officer published by NACUBO discusses the role of  chief business officers in the details of data integrity and their ownership regarding the practices of data ownership, access and utilization.

Noting that IT leadership may not always have personal expertise in these areas, the article makes the point that leaders have the responsibility to protect those about whom data is being collected and describes their roles in the ethics and effectiveness of using that data to improve performance.  Importantly, the article notes that without such understanding, leaders leave the door open to security breaches, abuse of trust and more.

Four critical best practices were identified upon review of ethics and integrity of data management, which include the topics of:

  • Transparency and communication
  • Understanding that institutions do not have total ownership of student data and its use
  • A clear definition of data access and security
  • Structured accountability and assessment

For the full statement of each best practice, as well as the suggested role of a chief business officer in data ownership, read the entire article here.

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