How to Change Recruitment and Hiring Focus Based on Evolving High School Grad Demographics

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgIt may surprise some to know that the number of graduating high school seniors peaked back in 2013. The decline, which began a year later, is expected to continue at least into 2023. In addition to this decline, major demographic shifts are changing the face of those graduates, such as the decline of Caucasian students and the increase of Hispanic students*.

As a response to the decline in the pool of students and changing demographics, other changes such as automation and new technologies are reshaping the needs of employers who will be looking to fill positions in the coming years. These changes in the labor market are reflected in the attitudes of employers who, “are increasingly looking for students who come ’pre-programmed’ with usable skills” and students who, “expect to be immediately marketable in order to repay their student loan debts.”*

Addressing these issues will require expanding recruitment efforts, partnering efforts, and new tools and pathways. To read the complete article, including methods to combat rising costs, partnership tips and the opportunities and challenges for admissions offices, click here.


* “How to change recruitment for an evolving high school grad demographic by Darrell Mockus, eCampus news

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