Higher Education Customer Service- Are You Doing it Right?

Did you know that 23% of students surveyed1 in a 2012 study noted that the reason they left a particular college was due to poor service from the college or university they attended? As Sam Walton quoted, “If you don’t take care of your students…someone else will.”

That’s a huge percentage, and we know that colleges across the country understand the benefit of providing outstanding support their students- but, do colleges and universities truly understand what “good customer service” means?

In order to understand how colleges and universities are adapting to the concept of service, and to gather some best practices on how to provide good customer service, Academic Impressions consulted three acknowledged experts on the subject. Some of the topics they covered include:

  • The expectation of immediate responsiveness
  • Retaining “customers”, and the move to understand that students truly are customers
  • Culture changes on campus to achieve superior service
  • Training customer service in a campus environment
  • Critical advice for understanding and implementing customer service on campus

To hear what the experts had to say, read the full article here: What Does Customer Service in Higher Ed Actually Look Like?

1 Source: (Raisman, Why Students Leave College 2012 Study Results, 2012)

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