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Take-a-Look-Link-with-LogoAs every marketer knows, finding great content isn’t easy. For higher education marketers who face a long-tail sales funnel, keeping potential students engaged, and getting them to sign on, means finding content that is both interesting and effective. In “4 Tips to Help Schools Create Content Offers,” Erin Koslosky, Customer Success Manager at HubSpot, offers ways that marketers can get the most out of the content they’ve worked so hard to create.

Koslosky focuses on using results. How well have individual pieces faired? Is there a theme or particular topic that has been more successful at generating leads? Use the data to identify successful content and its place in the sales process to reveal strategies you can build on to make your entire marketing campaign more effective.

Of course freshness is critical, but that doesn’t mean older content that was once effective need be discarded. Taking the time to update a previously successful ebook can reignite the conversation. Same goes for your blog. Koslosky urges us to look beyond topics to format. For example: do how-to posts fair better than infographics? Reformatting older content gives it new life and may prove more successful at attracting eyeballs.

Additionally, Koslosky reminds us of the importance of looking for content ideas outside of marketing, as well as excellent advice on how to package and present content after you’ve succeeded in getting a potential applicant to complete the submission form.

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