Happy Independence Day wishes from all of us at TMS as you celebrate the 4th of July!

4th of July Fireworks


Here are a few facts that you may not have known about the 4th of July:

  • Initially adopted by Congress on July 2, 1776, the revised version of the Declaration of Independence was not adopted until two days later.1
  • Congress didn’t make Independence Day a National Holiday until 1870- but Americans started celebrating it as far back as 1777! The first celebration on record was held in Philadelphia and included a thirteen shot cannon salute and fireworks.2
  • Three U.S. Presidents, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, died on July 4th; Adams and Jefferson died within hours of each other in 1826 while Monroe died in 1831.1
  • Time Magazine marks July 4th as the “biggest hot dog holiday of the year”, citing that over 155 million of them are consumed on that date alone!2
  • The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) estimates that more than 14,000 professional firework displays light up the skies in the United States each 4th of July.1
  • The Liberty Bell hasn’t actually been rung since 1846, due to concerns regarding its large crack. Instead, to commemorate Independence Day, the Bell is tapped 13 times as a signal for bells across the country to ring.2
  • John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are responsible for the bald eagle as the national bird; Benjamin Franklin wanted it to be the turkey.1

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!



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