Going International: Engaging International Undergraduates During the College Search Process

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgA new report sponsored by Eduventures and CollegeWeekLive entitled “Going International: Engaging International Undergraduates During the College Search Process,” examines the results of a survey which “focuses on identifying the communication needs of international students and how they make their final decisions.” The survey results are based on 1,718 respondents who have engaged with CollegeWeekLive in 2015. While the survey represents CollegeWeekLive’s international reach in foreign markets as opposed to representing the enrollment of international students in this country as a whole, the results still offer some unique insights.

Interestingly, foreign students consider a wider range of choices when selecting a college or university.  With so many options there are nearly as many factors to consider, including language, culture and distance. The wide range of choices and potential limitations make it difficult for US schools to connect and communicate with potential enrollees during their search.

Of the population surveyed, 53%1 are enrolled in US institutions. Of those not attending, the primary reason is not language, culture or distance, but cost. In fact 65%1 of those surveyed simply couldn’t afford to attend an American university this fall due to high tuition costs. Not to be held back, 33%1 say they just might try again.

The report offers recommendations to enhance international student engagement, that include building a website specifically targeted to international students that would include customized content, video chat functionality, and a social media component.

1To read the full survey results and recommendations click here.

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