Going Green, Saves Green

Green Money Tree shutterstock_114345355.jpgThe figures are in.  Going green saves green in more ways than one.

While the beginnings of any “Go Green” campaign had more emphasis on saving the environment, (which of course is a very worthy movement) the fact remains saving trees, saves money. 

It’s probably been some time since you received a paper 5 page checking or bank statement in the mail or everyone’s favorite the 12 page cell phone bill with an itemized listing of the call, text and data log, various miscellaneous fees and of course the balance due.  Now you just log in to email or mobile app on your phone to view a balance due and in most cases make payment as well.

And for those who weren’t willing to jump on the “green” wagon early, there may even be a minimal penalty, monetary or inconvenient process to still requesting receipt of paper.  Although it has not hit every industry, (have you bought a house, or refinanced lately and left with the 5lb packet of forms?) but more and more processes and informational resources are online versus in your mailbox.

An increasing number of colleges and universities have taken steps to digitize their operations and realizing some significant cost savings.  In addition to saving money, eliminating paper offers a number of other benefits to colleges and universities. 

If your campus is still printing and filing paper documents, download this quick guide to why you should reconsider and how you can start the process of digitizing. Download our free eBook here: 

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