German Lessons: What the U.S. Can Learn About Education From Germany

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As educators and politicians debate the future of education in this country, some are looking outside the US for a higher education model that addresses both rising costs and the need to supply the country’s workforce with skilled labor. In this detailed look at higher education in Germany, WGBH’s Kurt Carapezza and Mallory Noe-Payne takes a close look at how Europe’s economic leader controls costs and maintains quality in higher education.

From Lessons for America: How German Higher Ed Controls Costs through Aptitude to Ability: Why Germany is Better than the US in Channeling Talent, this four part series examines how vocation and technical training in Germany has created a vibrant and respected “blue-collar” middle class, to the examination of the effect of American students choosing to attend college in Germany on global growth. The series was created in association with Davis Education Foundation, Forum for the Future of Higher Education, the Lumina Foundation and TIAA CREF.

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