Free eBook: Five Steps to a Better Refund Process

5-Critical-Componenets-You-Need-for-a-better-refund-program-e1391707518277How do you create a process that reflects well on your institution, is consistent with guidance provided by NACUBO¹ and the US PIRG², and remains compliant with applicable regulations? That brings us to the new 5 Cs of Refunding eBook.

This eBook gives you an actionable template to guide you through a comprehensive review of your process that leverages the collective experience of TMS and its client schools. In it, you will learn how to apply the 5 Cs to make your process student friendly and keep you from getting bitten! The following Best Practices (5 Cs) are covered in detail:

1. Choice
2. Communication
3. Compliance
4. Controls
5. Cost


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1 NACUBO Offers Debit Card Best Practices, January 2013
2U.S. PIRG, The Campus Debit Card Trap – May 2012

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