Free eBook: Eight Best Practices to Build More Financially Literate, Money-Wise Students.

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Does it ever feel like your financial communications simply aren't getting through to the students on your campus? If so, you’re not alone.

We often hear it’s a common problem. In many cases, students don’t check their email regularly, don’t respond to financial communications or simply don’t understand the importance of staying on top of their student account, tuition refund or financial management. 

Students are bombarded with so much information from so many places, and the vital communications from student financial offices often get overlooked — or deleted.

Learn to Communicate with Students About Finances

So we decided to dig a little deeper and found there are workable solutions to the problem. A number of colleges and universities are finding ways to effectively communicate with students about their finances while on campus, as well as helping students build strong financial habits for their post-college lives. Learn the strategies that are working well by downloading our newest eBook, Communicating Financial Information on Campus: Eight Best Practices to Build More Financially Literate, Money-Wise Students.

This eBook is available at no charge and outlines the issues behind the disconnection between students and their financial information and provides practical solutions for bridging that gap. Download your copy today and please share your own questions and solutions in the comments section below. Let’s get the conversation started so that together, we can help students better manage their finances while in college and beyond.


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