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Success Stories shutterstock_266076392.jpgWhat’s better than a testimonial from someone who has “been there, done that”?  Whether it’s using Yelp to find the best restaurant around or reading Amazon reviews before purchasing a product, people love to rely on other people’s feedback before trying something new.  I know I’m much more likely to try out that new B&B if it gets great reviews online or if a friend of mine has spent the night there…and my past two recent car purchases were made after a lot of Consumer Report reviews and some good advice from people I know who had owned a similar type vehicle and had a good experience. Trying something new, changing processes or investing money in a new product can be tricky and some good advice and firsthand experience never goes awry.


We want your advice! Have you switched over from paper bills to eBills (either for your whole school, or perhaps just a specific constituency)? Maybe you’ve always been an eBill adopter. We want to know why and what the experience was like- do you love eBills? What about them works for you? What do your customers (students and payers) say about them?

Here is your chance to share your story- and we will share it with your peers and keep the good advice moving along!

Take 2 minutes to complete the following survey and give your thoughts on the eBill process. There is an open comment field too, if you’d like to leave a testimonial which may be shared in a future post. 

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