Education Intelligence Should be in Your Vocabulary

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgIn an effort to define emerging thinking on the subject of using data to better manage student outcomes, the folks at Eduventures have coined a new term, 'educational intelligence'.

The idea and the approach are meant to aid institutions which are being called upon by students and parents, as well as state and federal governments, to account for access to education and graduation rates, while at the same time reconciling these demands with “strategic priorities, financial mandates, and institutional mission.”

The exact definition of Educational Intelligence is as follows: “Leveraging data at multiple points across the student lifecycle to make intelligent decisions to positively impact student outcomes.”

The article has the bold ring of a manifesto. It differentiates education from other industries already employing data driven culture this way. “Education is not just any other industry. Education is not a means to an end, but a means and an end. Education has a customer that is also a product.” This unique position, with its wide variety of internal and external stakeholders, necessitates institutions “to optimize business processes to meet revenue goals and concurrently improve student outcomes to serve the public good.”

In this “wake up call,” Eduventures is asking institutions to look inward, to identify stakeholders, technologies, and processes that can be used to build educational intelligence that provides the insight required to create much need change.

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