Don't be Distracted by Shiny Objects

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgMeg Fowler Tripp’s always interesting blog “Call to Action” at Inside Higher Ed takes on the subject of distraction and its impact on college admissions and marketing departments.

 In “Don’t Be Distracted by Shiny Objects,” Fowler Tripp insists that considerable focus is required if, as a marketer, you’re looking for your school “to stand out from the crowd.” Beginning with a crazy list of to do items that are sure to panic any marketer obsessed with staying on the cutting edge, Fowler Tripp insists these so-called shiny objects will remain nothing more than that, “if you haven’t laid the necessary groundwork for resonance.”

In order to achieve this “resonance” amidst the din of voices making suggestions or promoting the latest app, Fowler Tripp offers best practices. “A comprehensive messaging architecture is the first stop on the way to great communications.” In other words, without key components in place anything you add or build on top is likely to be ineffective.

Fowler Tripp breaks down the key messaging components that combine to make up this architectural base that will, “support everything from recruitment copy to website headers to tweets and Facebook updates, and to ensure that everyone who communicates on your behalf is on the same page.” She promotes a visual, or style guide approach, to ensure consistency across channels to create an, “unmistakable visual brand.”

 In this brief but informative post, Fowler Tripp advocates for the use of student alumni and faculty stories as well as covering content strategy and editorial calendar management. All of these elements need to become the focal point for keeping all marketing efforts on message and all marketers focused.

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