Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

TalkingEDUSmall.jpg“If everyone thinks alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” George S. Patton

It’s true- varying opinions often lead to some great break-through solutions! There are many ways to skin a cat, as the saying goes, and different view points can capture new audiences and provide out of the box resolutions. However, in a business situation, it’s especially important to have productive conversations vs. heated arguments.  Upping your level of professionalism and respect for your co-workers while still sharing your personal view on important topics can be tricky, but is key for a functioning workplace.

 An article recently shared by HubSpot provides great tips on how to disagree…without being disagreeable. An overview of suggestions includes:


  • Tone matters
  • "You" statements are taboo
  • Don’t be hesitant
  • Research is important
  • Keep it on topic- don’t get personal
  • Body language counts
  • Understand your non-negotiable items
  • Think the best

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