Defining Your Career Path & Having Tough Conversations

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgMany people have some type of career path outlined in their head- where they would like to go next, the type of job they hope to attain,  goals they hope to achieve, even a dollar amount they would like to earn.

Having a defined career path is important to help continued growth and learning, and in order to reach those goals, having frank conversations with your boss is necessary. They need to know where you are headed in your career in order to help get you there. In addition, these conversations not only help you, the employee, define steps needed to move along your career path, but it alsohelps the company as a whole plan to fill in the gaps when you make those steps.

An article in HubSpot recently looked at some statistics regarding career tenure and offers some helpful tips and resources to help as you plan your next steps, including:

  • The Next Five- a tool to help employees define where they see themselves in the next five years
  • Helpful guidelines for holding career path conversations with employers
  • The elements of a career path conversation
  • Timing it all out- when is the best time to have career path conversations that will stick
  • What to expect to get out of these conversations- setting your own expectations
Gain access to some great resources regarding career paths and leadership advice by reading the full article, “How to Ask for a Promotion (and Have Other Tough Conversations With Your Boss)".

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