What do Credit Card Compliance and Alphabet Soup Have in Common?

alphabet soupANSWER: Lots of letter collections forming a long list of acronyms from the PCI DSS Compliance Standards. (Case in point, first acronym.)

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Answers to quiz provided below.
How many of these acronyms can you identify?
Compliance Acronyms

In the “Solving the PCI DSS Puzzle on Your Campus,” eBook, the author takes on a topic that can be daunting to the average lay person, let alone a challenge to even the smartest financial services people on your campus. That’s because, when it comes to the subject of protecting credit card information we encounter an alphabet soup of acronyms. Pelkey successfully sorts through the soup to give us the substance of what it means to be not only compliant, but secure.

For insight into how breaches can occur to even the best practices for preventing them, this eBook offers an in-depth look that clarifies and instructs as it educates on this ever-evolving standard. Don’t let the acronyms discourage you or obscure the responsibility that information systems, financial services and third party processors have when it comes to securing student data.

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