Creating a job posting for an IT position…again? It’s time to ask yourself why!

retention shutterstock_307123964.jpgYou contact HR and submit a job posting for a new IT specialist. Wait! This feels only too familiar. Didn’t you just fill this role a few months ago…and a few months again just before that?  You feel like you are hiring quality professionals with the potential for a long tenure, so what is going wrong here?  The job postings you’re putting out are a highly sought after career path and you know the talent is out there: there were almost 40,000 computer science bachelor degrees granted in 2010.  The job pays well; the company is successful…so why do you find yourself recruiting for the same job again and again? Why isn’t your team retaining the talent you hire?

Jim Hansen, co-writer and Senior Vice President, Client Engagement at Millennium Consulting, offers the following tips on how to retain current IT talent:

Number one: A reasonable life and work balance.

Wow. A reasonable assumption might be that salary (and potential salary increases) might be first on that list…but life/work balance comes in at number one. Mr. Hansen notes that work/life balance is of optimum importance, specifically due to the rise of millennials in the workplace, who embrace a more non-traditional view of what the workplace should look like.

Opportunity to learn comes in a close second reason for attrition: Many IT staff report that being married to their current project, with limited opportunities to work and grow, is reason to leave.  For a technical staff, becoming stagnant in skill is a powerful concern. 

Another large concern is workload, which IT staff has noted has increased over the years. It’s easy to see how increased workload leads to dissatisfaction with work/life balance, so a fair and communicative work plan helps to increase employee satisfaction in this area.

Mr. Hansen notes “…various estimates suggest that losing and replacing an IT specialist costs an organization up to an additional 50-75% of his/her salary.” That’s a big number, one worthy of attention to both the hiring process and retention process for this particular industry.

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