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Connect_to_collect.jpgAre your payment collection methods integrated with your Student Information or Student Accounting System?

Having these two functions work together (or be integrated) can be life changing in regards to both the user’s and the administrator’s experience of managing student accounts.

New technologies have collectively transformed our idea of when and where we should be able to access information.  ‘When’ being immediately, and ‘where’ being anywhere.  Tuition collection software is on board with these changes, but with our industry comes a question that not all technologies have to face:  how secure will it be?  The challenge becomes greater when we are tasked to create innovative solutions that are faster, convenient to use and more secure. 

This challenge can be overcome with a Real Time Integration solution. Real Time Integration allows your school to see payments posted almost immediately, and in turn, your data will show true at any moment in time, allowing you to accurately run reports whenever you need them.  Families will benefit from the same up-to-date account information in regard to knowing the correct balance due as well as the payment amount and posting date to their account.

Instant accessibility and messaging capability allow you and your students to access the data and take action according to the ever changing need for immediacy and not have to wait for items to post.  Payers then have the ability to use their phones, tablets and laptops instantly to respond at any moment.  Integrative solutions give your school the ability to tap into this potential allowing for the most informed decision making based on accurate student accounts.


It is important however to ensure that your selected solution meets both security and compliance standards.  Ensure that your solution meets the standards set by PCI DSSFERPA and SSL.

Integrative solutions will bring your school up to speed, and most importantly, keep it there.

For a demonstration of real time integration with an SIS system view our brief video.

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