Communication Channel Effectiveness

Pop Quiz shutterstock_113785711.jpgAsk yourself this: Which channel is most effective for communicating financial information to students?

  1. texts
  2. email
  3. social media
  4. all of the above

If you’ve answered d, all of the above, you’re correct. See how one school is beginning to test an “opt in” strategy to alert students using text messages that delivers a secure link and how Facebook can be an ideal forum for presenting general financial information, and fielding student questions.

Consistent and concise communication is critical when it comes to reaching students with important financial information. But timing and frequency play a critical role as well.  A single simple direct email may not be enough to get the job done. See how channel specific messages can be used to help students differentiate between important “need to know” information and a call to action.

This and more is detailed in Nancy Mann Jackson’s e-book, Communicating Financial information on Campus: 8 Best Practices to Build More Financially Literate, Money-Wise Students. 

 communicating financial information to students

For additional information Nancy has published a second eBook titled Moving towards eCommunications, also available for free download.

eCommunications on campus


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