Communicating FERPA: A Short Quiz

QuizThis is a quick and easy challenge for you, a quiz that is about communicating FERPA with students and parents. This two question quiz is just a thought provoker to introduce you to the answers provided by some of your industry peers.

Question #1: (Multiple Choice)

How early should administrators begin educating parents about FERPA?

a. During Recruitment
b. During Admissions
c. During Summer Freshman Orientation
d. When classes begin

In her ebook “Why Today’s Parents Clash with FERPA and Best Practices for Communicating with Them” Nancy Mann Jackson dismisses the notion that FERPA is merely a set of rules that students and parents need to follow. See how the philosophy behind FERPA can open a dialogue with parents and students and promote a better understanding of the regulations, and how the concept behind FERPA can aid students in becoming adults and provide clarity for concerned parents about their changing role when they are no longer the “owner” of the student record.

Question #2: (Yes or No?)

Does a post secondary school administrator need to have the student’s consent to disclose information concerning that student’s education records, including financials, to a parent if that student is still a dependent for tax purposes?


#1. The answer is “b” during admissions. Some schools have had success starting as early as High School and the admissions process initiating the FERPA conversation as early as possible between students and families.

#2. The answer is no. Consent from the student is not required as long as the parent is claiming the student as a dependent for tax purposes.



Click here to read Nancy Mann Jackson’s eBook “Why Todays Parents Clash with FERPA and Best Practices for Communicating with Them”.





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