Campus Safety, a National Concern

campus_saftey.pngThere are so many times in a day when we take our physical safety and security into our own hands- buckling up in the car, looking twice before we cross the street, walking in pairs when we are taking a stroll after dark. Think about how many times we remind friends and family members to “stay safe and be careful!”. However, there are also many times that we assume our public safety is someone else’s concern; times that come to mind include while strolling in a shopping mall, at an amusement park (do those ride buckles actually work? And why am I trusting a 16 year old to buckle me in before I spin upside down 150 feet off the ground on a rollercoaster when I don’t even trust them to make my coffee?), sleeping at a camp ground or attending a public recreational event (like a football game). Somehow in many public settings we just figure the details of safety are handled for us and we enjoy a (sometimes) false sense of security.

One example of a time when we entrust our (and our children's) public safety into someone else’s hands is on a college campus. Hundreds of thousands of students are dropped onto campus each year and left in the hands of the school and the administrators to learn, live, and be on a sprawling campus environment. As the administrators of these vast schools, the student and the families rely on you to keep them safe and ensure accountability and security while the student is in your care.


That is a gargantuan task that is easier said than done. Innovation must meet technology and scrupulous attention to detail in order to function in a secure and safe manner without intruding on the independent nature of a college campus. There are so many issues at hand and so many possible ways to tackle the task, it can be daunting and overwhelming- but, tackled it must be.

The following compilation of articles has been constructed by Inside HigherEd and takes into account the brunt of the issues regarding today’s campus safety and security concerns, and has information ranging in topics from:

  • Achieving a campus that is both open & secure
  • “Campus carry” and teaching and how the two intersect
  • Admission criteria and discipline records
  • IT security
  • Campus cards and their role in replacing the “key”
  • How bad headlines affect a college’s reputation
  • Averting tragedy- before it happens
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