Back to School eBook Starter Kit:  FERPA, Payment Plans & Billing

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Well, these were never really for sale.  They were all free.  But they were the top performers for downloads and best “downloaders” just did not seem sensible. 

In case you didn’t get the chance to review these previously, we wanted to help you get ready for the upcoming academic year with some eBooks that others have found helpful. 

Summer reading that will be a breeze and of course is not mandatory, and best of all they're:

* Free
* Short (10-20 pages)
* Lots of pictures!



How To Make the Most of Your Payment Plan

As the cost of tuition has steadily increased, so has the number of students who graduate (or not) with crippling student loan debt.  As costs increase, college may become out of reach for many students and families.  But providing flexible options for funding an education – such as a monthly payment plan – can be a lifeline for many families, while also offering predictable revenue cycles for the school.

Topics covered include:

  • Student Access
  • Improving Financial Management
  • Payment Plan Options
  • Measuring Results

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Why Today's Parents Clash with FERPA and Best Practices for Communicating with Them

Rather than growing frustrated with parents who are overly involved in their student’s affairs, institution officials should work to build a foundation of communication to provide the right level of guidance, while obeying the law.

This eBook will provide you with insights on the following topics:

  • What is a helicopter parent?
  • How helicoptering interferes with FERPA
  • Understanding parents’ position
  • 7 Best practices for communication with parents about FERPA

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Creating Bills that Prompt Payment

This eBook will present a guide to creating effective bill communications, including:

  • Effective bill layouts
  • Communicating the message
  • Using eBills and paper bills
  • The value of real-time billing
  • Providing point in time bills
  • Bill payments

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