Before you call, ask yourself "is this text-able?" (and other methods of convenient communication)

TalkingEDUSmall.jpgWho hasn’t seen memes with wording to the effect of “Sorry I didn’t answer my phone when you called…I don’t use it for that”? The truth is, in the age of convenience, we often use texts and emails to communicate, both for business and personal purposes. Both are convenient methods of communication and can provide efficiency. As a matter of fact, Pew Research Center notes in a recent study that text messaging is the most widely used feature of smartphones. Maybe I’m dating myself, but I do remember a day when we used phones to make phone calls…now, we seem to use them for almost anything but!

Does that mean that the human touch (aka, the phone call) has gone the way of the dinosaur? Not necessarily. Just because texting and emails are convenient and efficient, an actual voice call goes a long way in certain situations. Amanda Zantal-Weiner, Senior Staff Writer for HubSpot, recently posted an article that discusses 6 important times when a phone call is better than a text (or an email). This article reviews:

  • When it’s important to use the human touch over the convenient one
  • The importance of personalization
  • Recognizing an error…and correcting it
  • The complication factor
  • 6 Important times to use the phone

And more! If you are interested in when its most important to use a phone call, and when a text or an email will do just fine, take a look at this compelling article: When is a Phone Call Better Than an Email? 6 Times When You Should Take it Offline

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