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Are Students Getting Your Messages?

Whether it’s a student protest, a violent attack, or a change to the campus calendar or traffic flow, communicating accurate and complete information to your campus community is crucial. But on most college and university campuses, strategically communicating with students, faculty and staff ...

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Communication Channel Effectiveness

Ask yourself this: Which channel is most effective for communicating financial information to students? texts email social media all of the above If you’ve answered d, all of the above, you’re correct. See how one school is beginning to test an “opt in” strategy to alert students using text ...

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Increased Cybersecurity Threats

After major data breaches at retailers like Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and Sony Online Entertainment, consumers are largely informed about the risks of using their credit and debit cards and providing other personal information to service providers. But college students, faculty members and ...

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Breaking the (FERPA) News to Parents

“Just because you send your child to college and pay all the bills doesn’t mean you have any right to see their grades or anything,” a parent of a college student recently told me bitterly. She was, of course, referring to regulations set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ...

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