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Going Green, Saves Green

The figures are in.  Going green saves green in more ways than one. While the beginnings of any “Go Green” campaign had more emphasis on saving the environment, (which of course is a very worthy movement) the fact remains saving trees, saves money.  It’s probably been some time since you received a ...

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Connect to Collect

Are your payment collection methods integrated with your Student Information or Student Accounting System? Having these two functions work together (or be integrated) can be life changing in regards to both the user’s and the administrator’s experience of managing student accounts. New technologies ...

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Think about your role on various teams throughout the years.  In elementary school, you picked teams for recess, had fun sending Red Rover over, and your commitment was through when the bell rang. In middle school, you may have joined a robotics club or a track league…a little more work, but you ...

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