Are your institution’s enrollment and retention efforts in alignment?



When it comes to retention strategy, where is the best place to start?
A. During recruitment?
B. During enrollment?
C. In the student's first academic year?
D. All of the above?
If you answered d, all of the above, you’re correct.

In the ebook “Lessons from Retention High Performers: Successful Strategies and Best Practices” by  Eduventures Sponsored Thought Leadership Initiative and sponsored by PlatForm, EBI-MAP Works, and Tuition Management Systems, the authors take a close look at what makes up a successful retention strategy. In the face of public and governmental demand for accountability and what may prove to be an inevitable move toward performance-based funding, retaining students is critical from the start. In fact the California University System starts before students even arrive on campus by offering remedial education to high school students through partnerships with local school districts.

To see how and why some institutions are reporting retention rates of up to 90% click here.




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