Are you hiring the right people?

Perfect EmployeeAre you looking to add some new talent to your team? If so, you’re sure to want to select the very best candidate for the job. Maybe you’ve been hiring for a while, or maybe this is your first time, but the chances are you’ve noticed that some teams run like a well oiled machine and some others run like…well, like a rusty bicycle. So, what’s the secret sauce? Is it superior management, spirited employees, or just luck?

Good news! The recipe for a happy, well functioning employee pool is pretty simple. The key is in the hiring process! If you start with asking the right questions, you end up with selecting the right candidates. Finding those questions is easier than you think – you simply start with a model! Chances are you have a few employees you would already like to carbon copy – start with them to identify your top priority characteristics for a successful employee, build a job description, and use the most successful interviewing methods and you are on your way to an employee who is as happy to be employed with your company as you are to have them.

Take a look at our SlideShare “Are You Hiring the Right People?” for tips and guides to identifying key characteristics of a top performer, help in building the job description and important interviewing recommendations.

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