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Video on Mobile Device shutterstock_150988097.jpgAccording to the Tribeca Marketing Group’s Top 8 Higher Education Marketing Trends 2016video ranked as the number one trend for the second year in a row, putting social media and mobile at number two and three respectively.

Of course smartphones make creating high definition video easier than it has been in the past and social networks serve as convenient distribution channels but, what about content? How long should a marketing video be? Who should be featured in the video? All of these are questions that many higher education marketers are asking.

If a picture = 1000 words….

College is an odyssey, a journey with a whole host of people and places who can paint a picture of the university experience better than any flyer, catalog, or view book. The beauty of video is that it can tell a story. It can be 30 seconds long, it can be an hour. It can focus on college life, highlight academic studies, promote sporting events, illustrate alumni testimonials, even help a student walk through the admissions process. The only limitation is the marketer’s imagination.

Building a Video Marketing Plan

While video can be very effective, it should not be a standalone. Properly integrated into an overall marketing plan, video can reinforce, underscore and illustrate a broader message. Distributed via social media and YouTube, video can start a conversation, answer questions and redirect inquiries to other marketing pieces, specific administrators or even particular departments.

Video is a great way to build and reinforce your brand and it should be a dynamic part of your marketing plan. Adding properly titled and tagged video to your website improves SEO. The same is true when you post on YouTube and social media. In fact embedding YouTube video in your website is a great way to leverage the world’s biggest video channel’s ability to automatically adjust picture presentation for all devices.

Content Creation

The list of websites offering tips for higher ed marketers is extensive. Here are just a few to check out for content ideas and inspiration:

Direct Development - Using Video Marketing for Student Recruitment - Takes a close look at the Why, How and ROI of video marketing and offers some excelling content ideas.

Pyxl - 7 Secrets to Successful Video Marketing in Higher Education - A simple and direct breakdown of video as marketing tool. A good piece to generate some brainstorming.

eduWeb - Higher Ed Video Marketing: The Next Generation - Thinking about marketing to generation Z? Looks at the continued addition of new social and live streaming video channels and how they may be exploited by inventive marketers.

Inside Higher Ed - 6 Ways to Raise the Bar on Higher Ed Videos - A short and pithy article with some great advice from consultant and visual storyteller Jill Weaver.

Snyder Group - 7 Examples of Successful College Marketing Videos - Some great examples of excellent videos from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, the Cleveland Institute of Art, the University of Rochester, and an “unofficial video” from a fraternity at Transylvania University.

sparkroom - 10 Awesome Education-Related Advertising and Marketing Campaigns from 2015 “This blog post celebrates 10 education-related advertising and marketing campaigns we think are clever, awesome and/or innovative for a variety of reasons including creative executions, strategic use of cross-channel media and ability to drive extended engagement. “ Kim Kelly


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