13 Best College Facebook Pages (And What Sets Them Apart)


If you want to see just how effective Facebook can be for colleges and universities, check out Lindsay Kolowich’s HubSpot Blog post. Kolowich goes beyond the cover page to show which schools are making the most of social media. Selecting 13 examples that “include clear calls to action,” Kolowich zeroes in on what social media is meant to do best: facilitating interaction, encouraging conversation and cross-promoting the school’s features and benefits.

To be truly effective, a good Facebook page needs to engage the viewer. Michigan State University launched a campaign celebrating the 100th anniversary of the school’s fight song, encouraging individuals to give the song the old college try by submitting a video to “Share your voice.” George Washington University ties Facebook closely to Twitter using hashtags to get fans and followers to submit photos and engage in the conversation.

Facebook offers a variety of features beyond the like button. For example, the University of Texas Austin employs the call to action button asking users to “sign up,” “Shop Now,” “Contact Us,” and more to create a tight link with the school’s website. Princeton links its Facebook page to the school’s admissions website making it easier for the prospective student to research financial aid and apply.

Kolowich looks at how schools use Facebook to focus on different constituencies (students, visitors, prospective students) by using additional tabs to link with events calendars, school history, campus life, and alumni among others. Unlike Kolowich’s previous post, 14 of the Best College Websites, this not a ranking. But, if you’re looking for some smart ways to make better use of Facebook, you won’t be disappointed.

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