10 Reasons Why Smart ID is the Smart Choice

'Smart' is defined so differently in today’s world.  Only a few years ago the word smart was associated with human intelligence, now it is “The Adjective” for most objects:  Smart Phone, Smart Cars, Smart Appliances and I am sure many more objects will get “smarter” in the very near future.  I am personally looking forward to the introduction of the “wicked smart lawn mower”.  Set and forget it.  Maybe it could even let itself out of the shed?

A Smart Car parks itself, a Smart Phone is basically a hand held computer, so what is a Smart ID?

A Smart ID card can solve multiple issues within the Higher Education environment in a non-invasive manner:  attendance, secure door access control, data collection and reporting, visitor management and more.

Top 10 Reasons Why Smart ID is the Smart Choice

  1. Increased security
  2. Real Time data tracking
  3. Simplifies attendance
  4. Control access points
  5. Recognizes everyone instantly
  6. Disburses funds to students
  7. Set up with ease
  8. Manage software with minimal effort
  9. Keep tabs on visitors
  10. Maintain it from the cloud

Ensuring safety on campus, operational optimization and student accountability are major factors in the success of your campus. To learn more about how Smart ID Campus cards can help on your campus download this complimentary white paper Smart ID cards Solving Problems for Higher Ed, detailing the technology of this 21st century solution.

Smart ID Card Higher Ed

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